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~Poetry Corner~


Welcome to my poetic world.
Come on in take a seat and
stay a while.. Enjoy the ride!!




Don't push me thinking
I wont push back,

Don't say harsh things
Putting me under attack.

Don't treat me wrong
Cuz your life's going bad,

Don't take it out on me
When you're angry and mad.

Don't think that life only
Revolves around you,

Don't blast my name
With things that aren't true.

Don't use me as
Your stepping stone to fame,

Don't forget like you
I'm just the same.

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Dark Oblivion
Shadows from my mind
No silver linings
No ray of light
Strong emotion or
Merely illusions
Nothing but an eclipse of life
Into the dark oblivion
She screams
No one hears
Is this her reality
Trapped by destiny
Victim of her own private fears.

All poetry is the sole property
of the webmistress.
Do not use without prior permission.

Self Reflection


Cascading lights in a

Diamond-like prism

Enchanted illusions from

Fragmented thoughts


A Kaleidoscope effect



Breathtaking beauty with a

Hurricanes fury

Raw temptation mixed with

Pure innocence


A Feminine effect


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Respect and You
I remember when I was young
We learned “the golden rule”
But as we all got older
It seems that only mattered in school.
The only way to gain respect
Is to give it in return,
If this be true
Then what of you
This lesson you didn’t learn.
You walk around
Like you’re a king
And we are all your peasants,
When truth be told
This quickly got old
Respect from you wasn't present.
So as much as we
(Somewhat regretfully)
Would love to act like you,
We’ll be the bigger person
And show you kindness
Till you’re through.

My Mind
My mind
Screaming out.
My heart
Full of doubt.
Somehow lost
In this maze.
Living life
In this haze.

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My Time
The time has come to show myself
To show my true colors
What’s deep inside.
The time has come to show my strength
My determination
My will to survive.
The time has come to show the world
The truth about me
The truth about life.
The time has come and I’m ready to take it
Grab it by the horns
It’s my time for life.












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